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The Food Paper has been manufacturing products such as: food paper, packaging for hot or cold food, recycled kraft paper bags and personalised paper cups since 2005. Also offering a wide range of disposable, biodegradable and completely compostable packaging for take away and delivery.

We are specialised in the integral development of personalised food paper and food cardpaper packaging.

We look for the best raw material on the market such as: Virgin Cellulose Pulp paper, Kraft paper made from pure virgin fibres and Recycled Kraft paper; as a result achieving the kind of packaging that will take over the most demanding versality for high fat content and moist food. All of this without neglecting the product’s purity and elegant aesthetics for innovative concepts that require the kind of packaging that is able to affirm the brand’s positioning.

Meeting with our customers enables us to capture their ideas and needs to manufacture personalised packaging completely from scratch in the measurements and colours that they desire.

The tendency and the need to use the phrase “environmentally friendly packaging” has been a constant awareness for the Food Paper Portugal team, always looking to manufacture Take Away and Delivery food packaging using Food Paper, Food Cardpaper and Kraft.

Food Paper Portugal mill's certifications include: SO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, FSC® CoC, PEFC CoC, FDA/IMS Packaging Certification.

Since we aim to offer solutions in food paper and Eco-Friendly cardboard packaging, we use a food resin in the manufacturing of our paper sheets, hamburger boxes, hot dog bases and any type of paper or cardpaper packaging, to guarantee an effective anti-migration barrier and thus contribute to the safety of the final consumer.

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Take-Away Paper Bags


Recycled, Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging... Why?

The concern for the environment is a very relevant factor for the consumer and must be reflected in the creation and production of packaging for Take Away and Delivery.

When analysing the needs of current consumers, which are very aware of the preservation of the environment, the manufacturers must help customers and brands to find the best materials for their packaging and to replace materials of fossil origin with alternatives containing a lower carbon load whilst also being renewable and recyclable.

Take Away industries must address the urgent need to start manufacturing packaging with sustainable raw materials, such as virgin and recycled fiber cartons in order to give ecological solutions to the different end goals, as well as the use of kraft paper for industrial use.

The current research facilities allow us to find options that respect the environment, and help the conservation of our planet.

For some years now, water based and oxidized drying food paints have been used in food packaging. They allow us to make personalised changes in different types of packaging through a much cleaner and harmless way for the consumer.

All the materials used in the production and branding of Food Paper packaging, contribute to a sustainable and balanced consumption, thus increasing the capacity of humanity to interact with the ecosystem, preserving the environment without compromising the natural resources of future generations with its ecological footprint.

Thinking about Recycling or contributing to a Sustainable Society, is thinking about others, your family and yourself.

We are specialists in the production of a wide range of paper bags for the food industry and others.

The design and development of our food paper bags is done in a personalized way, according to the highest quality standards, with customized models, certified materials and the best print quality.

More than ever, Paper Bags are the best option for the environment and currently consumers choose brands that meet more sustainable standards for food transportation

Add more identity to your brand and respecting the sustainability of the planet.