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Due to the high demand for alimentary packaging for Take Away and food Delivery which has increased exponentially in recent years, the FOOD PAPER has understood the market and how to offer its customers Ecological, Sustainable and Eco Friendly alternatives for the food industry with a wide range of environmentally friendly products:

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An environmentally friendly Take Away and Delivery.

The Take Away and Delivery of food has increased in recent years, and because of that there is a need for alimentary packaging to pack and carry food.

Over the years, it was understood that Take Away and Delivery of food was associated with low quality packaging, but FOOD PAPER bet on changing this trend. Since the beginning of our activity, we have always had the value of sustainability very much in mind, which is why we believe that in the Take Away and Delivery area of food we should also safeguard the ecological, sustainable and recyclable aspect.

Note that Take Away packaging is short-lived and most of them are disposable with a single use. Because we believe that plastic cannot be a viable option, at FOOD PAPER we work to have a wide range of sustainable and ecological packaging options for Take Away and Delivery.


Imagem Albapal 40grs

Albapal 40grs

Imagem Albapal 55grs

Albapal 55grs

Imagem Extra Paraffin

Extra Paraffin

Imagem Kraft Box

Kraft Box