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Until recently, almost all assorted items were made from plastics, materials derived from petroleum or other polluting materials.

At FOOD PAPER we do everything to save our planet from pollution, and our assorted items in the food industry , however small they may be, are no exception, so we offer a wide range of assorted items all of which are ecological, sustainable and eco friendly.

Get to know our environmentally friendly assorted items:

Imagem Cutlery


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Sustainable consumables are a small change with big effects.

Since the beginning of our activity, we have had very strong ecological and renewable values.

In terms of consumables, we started to notice a remarkable evolution with regard to the materials with which these consumables are manufactured, but even so we did not want to forget the consumables and contribute more sustainability, since it is quite usual to still see plastic straws or cutlery.

We know that when it comes to sustainability, small changes can have a big impact on our planet and it is clear the short service life of consumables.

When a compostable consumable is manufactured it must have an environmentally friendly disposal method, so it must be produced with sustainable or recycled raw materials based on renewable raw materials that can return to the earth quickly and safely and in optimal environmental conditions.

For this reason, at the FOOD PAPER we think that we can bring sustainability with our range of consumables, since thinking about sustainability means thinking about all of us.


Imagem Premium 60g

Premium 60g

Imagem Gourmet 70grs

Gourmet 70grs

Imagem Paraffin 70grs

Paraffin 70grs

Imagem Kraft Box

Kraft Box

Imagem Kraft Base

Kraft Base