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Paper cups and sustainable materials are very common in our daily lives given the concern of the end consumer to conserve our environment.

The FOOD PAPER understood the raise in biodegradable cup, creating a range of standard cups in many biodegradable materials and also a line of personalised paper kraft cups.

Discover our range of standard cups made of biodegradable and recyclable materials and our range of personalised cups:

Imagem Personalised Cups


Imagem Standard Cups



Sustainable Cups

Cups made with sustainable materials are increasingly a viable option in the alimentary, Take Away and Delivery industry.

The FOOD PAPER always bets for the sustainability of our planet by offering a wide range of cups for hot and cold liquids, all of them manufactured with sustainable, biodegradable and compostable materials.

We understand ourselves to be more visionary and choose not to use materials derived from petroleum or with a high environmental impact, therefore creating lines of paper cups, kraft paper cups and CPLA (crystallized poly lactic acid) cups.


Imagem Ecological CPLA

Ecological CPLA

Imagem Kraft 90grs

Kraft 90g

Imagem Kraft 110grs

Kraft 110g

Imagem Kraft Cone

Kraft Cone

Imagem Kraft Tray

Kraft Tray