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Imagem Personalised Cups

At FOOD PAPER we value the presentation of our customers' products and we know that it is essential, so biodegradable cups are a special item.

We have a wide range of personalised biodegradable and recyclable cups for hot and cold liquids on paper. Bearing in mind the rigor and demand that characterises us, with regard to the quality of our products, our printed cups exhibit personalised customisation for each client depending on the needs of each project.

In addition to customising the image of the cup, our customer can choose the capacity and size of the cup, having at their disposal for personalisation the sizes 4 Oz (120ml), 7 Oz (200ml), 12 Oz (350ml).


Imagem Personalised Cup 4oz

Personalised Cup 4 Oz - 120ml

Imagem Personalised Cup 7oz

Personalised Cup 7 Oz - 210ml

Imagem Personalised Cup 12oz

Personalised Cup 12 Oz - 350ml


Imagem Kraft Base

Kraft Base

Imagem Kraft Cone

Kraft Cone

Imagem Kraft Box

Kraft Box