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The Alimentary Packaging have always been essential in the food industry, since there was always a need to carry food.

Bearing in mind that Alimentary Packaging has to be different and meet strict requirements to maintain food security, the FOOD PAPER has invested in environmentally friendly, recyclable and ECO FRIENDLY materials.

In this regard, the FOOD PAPER is proud to have a wide range of Food Packaging in different materials, all of which are sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Our materials are:


Sustainable materials make alimentary packaging biodegradable and compostable.

Bearing in mind the growth of the Take Away and Delivery, and valuing the contribution to the ecological footprint, the FOOD PAPER chooses to work with materials that do not harm the environment.

We know that the consumer is increasingly demanding the quality and functionality with regards to packaging for Take Away and Delivery, as well as increasingly looking for biodegradable and sustainable options with the opportunity to recycle and reuse resources.

The FOOD PAPER is available to offer our customers a wide range of alimentary packaging made of fully environmentally friendly materials and have always been with us, as they are WOOD, PAPER and SUGAR CANE.


Imagem Kraft 140g

Kraft 140g

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Imagem Sulfigrás