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Imagem Paper

At FOOD PAPER we understand that alimentary paper packaging is perfect for food Delivery and Take Away.

In catering spaces and fast food chains, they found in paper packaging, the most efficient way to serve their customers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

It is notable that in the paper packaging any type of food can be packaged, from foods with abundant liquids to salads and desserts.

One of the main advantages offered by paper packaging to Delivery and Take Away, is the fact that they do not take up much space when they are disassembled, and can be kept in a sheet format, facilitating their storage and storage.

Discover our range of alimentary paper packaging:


Imagem Card Plate

Card Plate

Round card plate - White

15cm - Box 1.000 Pcs.

19cm - Box 625 Pcs.

Imagem Kraft Plate

Kraft Plate

Round card plate - Brown

15cm - Box 2.000 Pcs.

19cm - Box 800 Pcs.

Imagem Ice Cream Cup

Ice Cream Cup

Round ice cream cup

125ml - 7,8cm x 4,9cm - Box 600 Pcs.

150ml - 8cm x 5,5cm - Box 600 Pcs.

250ml - 10,2cm x 6,2cm - Box 300 Pcs.

Imagem Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl

Round cardpaper bowl - Brown

500ml - 15cm x 4,6cm - Box 300 Pcs.

750ml - 15cm x 6cm - Box 300 Pcs.

1000ml - 15cm x 7,5cm - Box 300 Pcs.

Imagem Soup Bowl

Soup Bowl

Round card soup bowl - Brown

230ml - 9,8cm x 6cm - Box 500 Pcs.

350ml - 9,8cm x 7cm - Box 500 Pcs.

470ml - 9,8cm x 10cm - Box 500 Pcs.

Imagem Soup Bowl

Soup Bowl

Round card soup bowl - Brown

760ml - 9,8cm x 13cm - Box 500 Pcs.

940ml - 9,8cm x 16cm - Box 500 Pcs.

Soup Bowl Lid

Soup Bowl Lid

Soup Bowl Lid To Go, round card - Brown

9,8cm x 1,6cm - Box 500 Pcs.

11,5cm x 1,6cm - Box 500 Pcs.

Imagem Kraft Sauceboat

Kraft Sauceboat

Small cardpaper box - Brown

45ml - 6cm x 4,1cm - Box 1.000 Pcs.

90ml - 6cm x 5,8cm - Box 1.000 Pcs.

120ml - 6cm x 6,6cm - Box 1.000 Pcs.

Imagem Paper Sachet

Paper Sachet

Anti-grease paper bag - Brown

18cm x 11cm - Box 1.000 Pcs.

Imagem Burger Box

Burger Box

Fresh fiber cardpaper hamburger box

7cm x 11cm x 11,5cm - Box 400 Pcs.

9cm x 15,5cm x 15,5cm - Box 200 Pcs.

Imagem Hot Dog Box

Hot Dog Box

Fresh fiber cardpaper box

6,2cm x 7,5cm x 21cm - Box 300 Pcs.

Imagem Kraft Cone

Kraft Cone

Cones for fries, with sauce container, paper - Brown / White

19,5cm x 16,5cm - Para 100g - Box 500 Pcs.

23,5cm x 19cm - Para 150g - Box 500 Pcs.

Imagem Cardpaper Tray

Cardpaper Tray

Fresh fiber card crisp trays

3,8cm x 8,5cm x 15,5cm - Box 500 Pcs.

Imagem Round Box

Round Box

Round cardpaper box - Brown

230ml 7,5cm x 6,5cm x 5,8cm - Box 500 Pcs.

470ml 9,8cm x 8,2cm x 7cm - Box 500 Pcs.

760ml 9,8cm x 10cm x 8,8cm - Box 500 Pcs.

Imagem Square Pizza Box

Square Pizza Box

Cellulose Pizza Box

20cm x 20cm x 3cm - Box 100 Pcs.

24cm x 24cm x 3cm - Box 100 Pcs.

26cm x 26cm x 3cm - Box 100 Pcs.

Imagem Rectangular Pizza Box

Rectangular Pizza Box

Cellulose Pizza Box

40cm x 60cm x 5cm - Box 50 Pcs.

Imagem Sauceboat



Imagem Extra Paraffin

Extra Paraffin

Imagem Kraft 90grs

Kraft 90grs

Imagem Separators


Imagem Kraft Cone

Kraft Cone