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Imagem Wood

At FOOD PAPER we know that there are several advantages in choosing to use wooden packaging. Wood is a natural and renewable material, which requires less energy consumption for handling, ideal for the environment. In addition, wood is also easily recycled and can be reused in many creative ways.

We understand that wood is seen as a natural raw material in many places so it is a material with a great environmental awareness for consumers.

At FOOD PAPER we offer a range of wooden alimentary packaging in order to expand our range of materials for the manufacture of alimentary packaging.

Discover our range of wooden alimentary packaging:


Imagem Wood Boat


Pure wooden bowl

8,5cm x 5,5cm - Box 500 Pcs.

11cm x 6,5cm - Box 500 Pcs.

14cm x 8,2cm - Box 500 Pcs.

16,5cm x 8,5cm - Box 500 Pcs.

Imagem Wood Cone


Wooden cone cup

4,5cm x 4,5cm - Box 500 Pcs.

6,5cm x 12,5cm - Box 500 Pcs.

10m x 15,5cm - Box 500 Pcs.

9,5cm x 18cm - Box 500 Pcs.

11cm x 21cm - Box 500 Pcs.

12,5cm x 24cm - Box 500 Pcs.

Imagem Wood Cup


Round palm leaf cup

300ml 17,5cm x 3,5cm - Box 25 Pcs.

200ml 13cm x 3cm - Box 60 Pcs.

Imagem Wood Bowl



Imagem Albapal 40g

Albapal 40g

Imagem Extra Paraffin

Extra Paraffin

Imagem Gourmet 70g

Gourmet 70g

Imagem Kraft 90g

Kraft 90g

Imagem Kraft Tray

Kraft Tray