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Paper cups, also known as cardboard cups, are produced with sustainable materials, they are the type of cups increasingly present in the our day-to-day life. Due to several factors, from the environmental concerns, convenience, comfort of transportation, beverage preservation and use. They are also the cups that guarantee more finishing and customization solutions, as well as as a combination of packaging and brand promotion.

Food Paper Portugal understood the high demand for the numerous solutions in cardboard cups, with raw materials of kraft paper, being able to choose coasters in white kraft paper cups or natural kraft printed paper, cups with customization or standard paper cups. Paper Cups suitable for preserving hot liquids and cold, freezing, resistant, quality proven, anti-grease, much in demand in the hospitality, at events, for companies, cafeterias, take-away services, among others.

Discover our range of cardboard cups, made biodegradable and recyclable materials, which can opt for custom cups or cups standard, without customization:

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Take away cardboard cups, an environmentally friendly solution?

The paper cups made with sustainable materials are each a viable option in the food market, as well in the Take Away and Food delivery segments.

FOOD PAPER PORTUGAL has always been committed to sustainability of our planet, so we offer a wide range of cups for cold and hot liquids, all made from sustainable, biodegradable and compostable materials.

Paper cups have a much faster recycling process. simpler than other materials, made of organic raw material, environmentally-friendly, and the one that is most often recycled.

Boost your brand with custom card cups, doubled in quality, with options in compostable cups with various sizes available, as well as various practical accessories such as handles, trays and bags functional for your service.

Cardboard cups are the best eco-friendly solution for takeaway, delivery services and drinks that intend to replace disposable plastic cups. Equipped with graphic print quality and professional finishes, with single sides or cups with reinforced sides pairs. Paper cups available for each type of service and need.

What are the capacities of cardboard cups?

The main cup capacities available are: 4 oz disposable cups, paper cups with 100 ml capacity, 6 Oz paper cups with 177ml capacity, 9 Oz paper cups with 266 ml capacity and 12 Oz paper cups with 350ml capacity. Food Paper Portugal has other available capacities of cardboard cups, if interested, ask for more information.

Does Food Paper Portugal Have cardboard cup transport solutions for takeaway services?

Yes, Food Paper Portugal has Various eco-packaging solutions available that can be developed according to your needs, taking into account the amount of cups and capacities you need to carry or have available at your take-away service. From white kraft paper coasters to printed natural kraft, trays for two or more cups, trays for take-away menu's cups, trays that hold six or more cups, protective sleeves for cups made of cardboard, cupholder customized, among many other solutions.

Are personalized cardboard cups suitable for hot drinks?

Yes, custom paper cups and standard paper cups Food Paper Portugal are suitable for containing beverages hot and cold drinks, without deforming the paper cup, changing the composition of drinks and comfort for those using the cups.

The paper cups are manufactured with certified raw materials, resistant and of the highest quality. Own cardboard cups for hot drinks up to 80º, ideal for containing and transportation of hot liquids such as tea, coffee, chocolate hot, soups, among others.

This type of cups are widely used in hotels, cafeterias and for services that require their own cups takeaway. In order to facilitate the use, many customers prefer to complement the cardboard cups for hot drinks with their own lids or customized packaging that facilitates the logistics.

Cardboard cups, what types of personalization are available?

Cardboard cups can be personalized with the logo, graphics and colors of your choice, in the entire possible printing area. Food Paper Portugal paper cups are fully personalized with full quality printing and finishing.

Most of the customisations intended on paper cups are with logos, patterns and illustrations that can be chosen and printed in up to four colors.

Paper cups or plastic cups? What is the best option?

Paper cups and plastic cups are the most used in the market, whether for events and parties, deliveries, by companies, restaurants, among others. Increasingly, there is a concern and attempts to modernize cardboard cup solutions to improve customer comfort and boost delivery services and takeaway.

Both types of cups are disposable, both the plastic such as cardboard can be recycled, however only cardboard cups can be recycled in such an efficient and more viable way.

In terms of sustainability, plastic is one of the materials that takes the longest to decompose, and can take up to 400 years in the environment, polluting and preventing the growth of natural processes, and also being able to release some chemical properties. About 18 months at the completion of the decomposition process and are reused many times. Many studies conclude that paper cups or cardboard cups are the evolution of plastic cups.

Paper cups are the best solution for most of companies, concerned with consumers, committed to finding more and better solutions, practical and sustainable for everyone and the environment.


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