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Japanese Restaurants

Japanese Flag

Sushi, sashimis e temakis

Imagem Hanami


Sushi Take-Away and Delivery packaging sushi

2 colours | Shine | Automatic bottom

Ideals for: Sushi, Pastry, Chocolate Shops

Imagem caixa amaterasu


Sushi Take-Away and Delivery boxes

2 colours | Duble Face | Various Finishings

Ideals for: Japanese Restaurants

Imagem amaterasu sacos


Paper Bags Delivery

2 colours | Mate | Twisted Wings

Ideals for: Packaging deliveries

Imagem caixas HSS

Home Sweet Sushi

Boxes, trays, separators and bags

2 colours | Shine | Automatic Bottom

Ideals for: Sushi, Fast Food


Portuguese Restaurants

Portuguese Flag

Gourmet, Breweries and Barbecues

Imagem citadina


Modern Grill Restaurant Packaging

2 colours | Mate | Automatic Bottom

Ideals for: Chicken, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Qura

Qura Restaurant

Food Paper and Placemats

1 colour | Mate | Greaseproof-Paper

Ideals for:Snack Bars, Fast Food

Imagem avillez

Bairro do Avillez

Customized Packaging and Food Paper

2 colours | Mate | Greaseproof-Paper

Ideals for: Catering, Tapas, Gourmet snacks

Imagem Casa Antero

Casa Antero

Custom Food Paper

2 colours | Shine | Greaseproof-Paper

Ideals for: Portuguese traditional food


Latin American Restaurants

Mexican Flag
Argentinian Flag
Brazilian Flag
Imagem El Capo

El Chapo

Take-Away and Home Delivery Boxes

2 colors | Mate | Automatic Bottom

Ideals for: Mexican food, Fast food

Imagem Ao ataco!

Ao ataco!

Texan-Mexican Food Packaging

2 colors | Shine | Anti-moisture

Ideals for: Tacos, Burritos, Take-Away Menus

Imagem Mex

Mex factory

Mexican Restaurant Boxes and Bags

4 colors | Mate | Multiple Finishes

Ideals for: Wraps, Enchiladas, Burritos

Imagem El Chanta

El Chanta - Rotiseria

Paper for Argentinean Restaurant

2 colors | Mate | Greaseproof-Paper

Ideals for: Grill, Snacks, Fast Food


More World Cuisine

Korean Flag
Taiwanese Flag
Israeli Flag
South African Flag
Imagem Omonni


Korean Fried Chicken Boxes

1 colour | Mate | Removable Tray

Ideals for: Fried Chicken, Grill Restaurants

Imagem Baos


Taiwanese Street Food Paper

1 colour | Mate | Anti Greaseproof-Paper

Ideals for: Wraps, French fries, Sauces

Imagem caixa Push Tak

Push Tak

Packaging for Israeli Restaurant

2 colors | Mate | Automatic Background and Serration

Ideals for: Pitas, Pizzas, Vegan Food

Imagem Ribs

Ribs and Company

American Restaurant Food Paper

1 colour | Mate | Anti Greaseproof-Paper

Ideals for: French fries, Grilled meats


Types & Themes

Fast Food

Burgers, Hot Dog's, Food Trucks

Imagem Smash Burger

Smash Burger

Custom Paper and Boxes

2 cores | Mate | Anti-gordura

Ideals for: Burger Menus, French fries

Imagem Tob


Kraft Paper Packaging

1 cor | Dupla Face | Vários acabamentos

Ideals for: Menu, Fast Food, Burgers

Imagem Dogs and Soups

Dogs and Soups

Custom HotDogs Paper

1 cor | Mate | Anti-gordura

Ideals for: HotDogs Menu, Snacks, Tapas

Imagem Charkburger


Boxes, Cones, Food Paper and Bags

2 cores | Brilho e Mate | Vários acabamentos

Ideals for: Burgers, Home Delivery


Food Products

Grocery Stores, Butchers and Regional Products

Imagem MS

Mercearia Silva

Grocery Store Packaging

1 cor | Mate | Anti-gordura

Ideals for: Bars, food products

Imagem O'Briens


Custom Food Paper for Butchery

1 cor | Mate | Anti-humidade

Ideals for: Butchers, Grocers, Catering

Imagem Il Bocconcino

Il Bocconcino

Custom Cheese Paper

1 cor | Mate | Anti-humidade

Ideals for:Cheeses, Butters, Snacks

Imagem Limiano


Custom Cheese Paper

4 cores | Mate | Anti-humidade

Ideals for:Cheeses, Butters, Tapas


Sweets & Pastry

Sweets, Pastry, Cake Designers, Coffee Shops, and Chocolat

Imagem Cookie Club

Cookie Club

New York style cookie Boxes

2 cores | Mate | Fundo Automático

Ideals for: Cookies, Cupcakes, Cakes

Imagem Quase Pecado

Quase Pecado

Paper for Conventual Confectionery

2 cores | Mate | Fundo Automático

Ideals for: Pastry, Tradicional Sweets

Imagem Bolo da Marta

Bolo da Marta

Cake Designer Food Paper

1 cor | Mate | Papel Alimentar

Ideals for: Pastries, Cake Designer

Imagem Culto da Nata

Culto da Nata

Embalagens para Pastéis de Nata

2 cores | Brilho | Corte duas luas

Ideals for: Sweets, Tradicional Cakes


Wellness & Leisure

Hotels, Accommodation, Events, Vegan and Organic Food, Cosmetics Products

Imagem Detalhes Sustentáveis

Detalhes Sustentáveis

Custom Paper for Asparagus

2 cores | Mate | Papel Alimentar

Ideals for: Bio and Food Products

Imagem Palácio Verride

Verride Palácio Santa Catarina

Luxury Boutique Hotel food paper

1 cor | Mate| Papel Alimentar Anti-gordura

Ideals for: Hotels, Brunchs, Lounges

Imagem Hona


Cosmetic personalized packaging

2 cores | Mate | Múltiplos acabamentos

Ideals for: Biological Products

Imagem Hotel Palacio

Palácio Chiado

Restaurant Food Paper

1 cor | Mate | Papel Alimentar Anti-gordura

Ideals for: Hotels, Restaurants, Brunch



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