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Home Sweet Sushi

Imagem HSS

Packaging + Tray

Packaging, trays and components for HSS Sushi Delivery Services

Imagem HSS2

Menu Boxes

Custom Boxes developed with sizes and accessories for HSS Menus

Imagem HSS3

Adjustable Packaging

Packaging and trays designed to be practical for Restaurant services

Imagem HSS4

Paper Bags & Menu Kids

Custom Paper Bags and Colored Packaging Kids HSS Menu for Deliveries HSS


Imagem amaterasu2

Custom Packaging

Amaterasu custom packaging for various types of Sushi Menus

Imagem Amaterasu

Box Details

Custom Sushi boxes, adjusted to each amaterasu Menu

Imagem avillez

Share Box

Personalized food boxes for family, share sushi menus, and others

Imagem Sacos amaterasu

Custom Bags

Bags for delivery with twist handles, for sushi packaging


Imagem Hanami


Three box sizes with trays for Take-Away Hanami Sushi delivery

Imagem Hanami2

Window Box

Food packaging with custom windows and trays with two-color printed

Imagem Hanami3

Custom Trays

Custom trays ideal for transportation, take-away, delivery and sushi presentation

Imagem Hanami4

Take-Away & Delivery

Packaging and accessories for Hanami sushi home delivery services

Imagem Savage

Savage by Olivier - Paper

Custom food paper with one-color printing for Sushi Rolls and Hand food

Imagem Savage2

Rão Sushi

Personalized Greaseproof Paper for take-away and delivery Restaurant Sushi Rão

Imagem caixa Mikado


T&F custom food packaging with window with Mikado logo details

Imagem Verde Amarelo

Verde Amarelo


Imagem Papel Alimentar

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