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Nowadays the food industry is increasingly demanding in relation to alimentary packaging and the FOOD PAPER, is attentive to this technical requirement since we know that food packaging meets requirements, and essential parameters such as food security, packaging of the product, transport and communication to the customer and therefore it is important to use appropriate and certified materials.

The FOOD PAPER has always given importance to the personalisation of alimentary packaging of our customers, and for us to personalise starts with understanding the product our customers need then, choosing a suitable alimentary material and the packaging design.

Our certified alimentary materials can be:

Imagem Impermeables



Having a personalised alimentary package... The numerous advantages.

Consumers today are increasingly looking for biodegradable and sustainable options with the opportunity to recycle and reuse resources. The manufacture and development of TAKE AWAY food packaging is a process that requires a lot of dedication and professionalism on our part, since we are knowledgeable and dedicate all our know-how in developing customized food packaging solutions for the preservation and transport of our food customers.

For the manufacture and production of a safe alimentary packaging, we must pay attention to the material thats is to be used, since not all materials are certified to be in direct contact with food.

When we want to develop high quality TAKE AWAY alimentary packaging, which are disposable, biodegradable and ecological the task becomes even more difficult, but the FOOD PAPER team managed to overcome this challenge using fully certified, ecological and personalised materials with water-based and drying by oxidation alimentary ink, able to be in contact with food.

It is a fact that having a personalised alimentary packaging benefits the image of the product, so an appropriate personalised. packaging strengthens the brand, helps to retain customers, as well as values TAKE AWAY and DELIVERY.


Imagem Paper Cup

Paper Cup

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Kraft Cone

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Separator Box

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Cutlery Set

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Mini Fork

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