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The Alimentary Kraft Paper is certainly our most highly demanded paper, as it's more and more requested by its rustic appearance and its peculiar texture.

Considering the fact that kraft paper is not an alimentary paper, due to its nature and because it has a recycled paper backing. For this reason FOOD PAPER was concerned in creating an alimentary kraft paper with a natural barrier, thus ensuring the prevention of chemicals from the kraft diffusing into the paper. Therefore, the alimentary kraft paper maintains the food safety stadards with its rustic appearance and peculiar texture, as expected.

Alimentary Kraft Paper:

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Is there alimentary kraft paper?

We have seen an increase in demand for kraft paper in the food industry, but ultimately "What is Kraft Paper?"

It is never too much to explain that kraft is the result of the mixture of several types of cellulose fibers that are obtained in the pulp of wood called “softwood”, and because it contains all the varied mixture of fibers, kraft becomes resistant, maintaining its rustic appearance, its peculiar texture and flexibility.

It is important to say that the cellulose used in kraft does not contain bleaching processes, and is therefore recognised for its natural brown colour.

In terms of the technical manufacturing process, kraft paper by itself is not able to be in direct contact with food, so our customer's big question arises, "Is there alimentary kraft paper?"

FOOD PAPER PORTUGAL researched extensively to produce a kraft paper that would be in contact with food and still be able to be personalised. It was an intense process, but after a lot of work we managed to develop our printed alimentary kraft paper with sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable and Eco Friendly properties.

What is printed alimentary kraft paper used for?

This paper has great versatility, depending on the chosen grammage, but it is totally suitable for direct contact with food - from wrapping Hamburgers to the manufacture of food packaging product and boxes.


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