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Imagem Copos Personalizados

At FOOD PAPER we value the branding of our customer's products and we know that it is essential, so biodegradable cups are a special item.

We have a wide range of personalised biodegradable & recyclable paper cups for hot and cold beverages. Bearing in mind the rigour and demand that characterises us, the quality of our products, our printed cups exhibit personalised customisation for each client depending on the needs of each project.

In addition to customising the image of the cup, our customers can choose the capacity and size of the cup, having at their disposal for personalisation the following sizes, 4 Oz (120ml), 7 Oz (200ml), 12 Oz (350ml).


Imagem Copo Personalizado 4oz

Personalised Cup 4 Oz - (120ml)

Imagem Copo Personalizado 7oz

Personalised Cup 6 Oz - (180ml)

Imagem Copo Personalizado 12oz

Personalised Cup 9 Oz - (280ml)

Imagem Copo Personalizado 12oz

Personalised Cup 12 Oz - (360ml)


Paper cups, which customizations to choose?

The paper cups can be personalized with the choice of focused on the raw material. The options available in paper cups are white kraft paper or natural kraft (brown). For the printing, you can choose from one to four colours and the area that you intend to have printed. Most customizations of paper cups contain the logo on both sides, personalized background, graphics, addresses or information from social networks, media, but the possibilities and ideas for printing are endless.

After choosing the raw material and prints, you can also complement the personalization of your paper cups with refined finishes or complementary accessories for your paper cups, such as personalized trays, handles for cups, trays, menu boxes, supports and protections, among other solutions.

What are the main features of paper cups?

FoodPaper Portugal has available various types of cardboard cups, practical items, ideal for food contact, with options in compostable paper cups, disposable items of paper/cardboard available for delivery to the consumer with less environmental impact, since It being a biodegradable material and often compostable. Paper cups, also known as kraft cups, cardboard cups or cardboard cups are tear resistant and heat resistant, with multiple customization options, stackable, are reusable cardboard cups, 100% recyclable and sustainable.

Personalized paper cups, what capacities are indicated?

There are several models and sizes of cardboard cups, paper cups for catering, cups for companies, events, services, personalized paper cups for take-away & delivery and other use cases:

4 Oz Cardboard Cups have a capacity approximately 118 to 120ml, are the most used for beverages such as espresso cups, cups for sauces, ice cream cups, among others.

6 Oz Cardboard Cups have approximate capacity from 177 to 180 ml, are the most used paper cups for desserts such as ice cream, cups for soft drinks, juice cups, chocolate cups, tea cups, cappuccino, yogurt, among others.

9 Oz Cardboard Cups have approximate capacity from 266 to 280ml, are the most used paper cups for drinks like juices, like glasses of beers, drinks spirits, coffees, chocolates, ice cream, soups, among others.

12 Oz Cardboard Cups have an approximate capacity from 355 to 360ml, are the most used paper cups for refreshing drinks with ice, juice glasses, beverages alcoholic among others.

What are the measurements of the cardboard cups by capacity?

The capacities of the most requested cardboard cups are merely indicative:

4 Oz Cardboard Cups - Diameter Ø top: 6 cm; Height: 5.8cm; Bottom Ø diameter: 4.5 cm (from 118 to 120 ml)

6 Oz Cardboard Cups - Diameter Ø top: 7 cm; Height: 8cm; Bottom Ø diameter: 5 cm (from 177 to 180 ml)

9 Oz Cardboard Cups - Diameter Ø top: 7.8 cm; Height: 9cm; Bottom Ø diameter: 5.5 cm (from 266 to 280 ml)

Copos de cartão 12 Oz - Diâmetro Ø topo: 8 cm; Altura: 11,7 cm; Diâmetro Ø inferior: 5 cm (de 355 a 360 ml)

If you would like other sizes of cardboard cups and more information on capacities, please contact our team.

Oz abbreviation of ounce, ounce used as a measure of volume, with 1 ounce equaling 29.5735295625 ml.

What are the advantages of choosing paper cups?

Personalized paper cups are made from organic raw material, more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic cups, which take longer to decompose being more harmful to nature.

Personalized paper cups also ensure a better personalization and printing area. These are cups that can be personalized in countless ways, with more colors, with vivid graphics, options for combinations with other types of packaging models, such as trays for glasses, trays, cup holders, among others. Personalized cups and all other packaging can be manufactured with the same raw material, paper, respecting the same image and coherently consolidating the brand image.

As an example, a coffee cup in a coffee shop, when personalized, creates a greater impact and sophistication and captures more consumer attention, and can also be used in delivery services, as an advertising and care tool.

Choosing paper cups guarantees more hygiene, reliability and durability, they are resistant paper cups suitable for hot and cold drinks, advertising and decoration and are 100% recyclable and considered sustainable if properly recycled.

FoodPaper Portugal has several solutions in personalized paper cups, with various capacities, suitable for being in contact with food, hot and cold liquids as well a proven quality and resistance.


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