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Nowadays, the food industry is increasingly demanding in relation to alimentary packaging. Hence, Food Paper Portugal, priority is to establish a great communication channel with our customers, being essential for the manufacturing process of the food packaging products, meeting all the industry's standard requirements, essential parameters, HACCP, transportation & delivery options. For this it is important the use of the appropriate and certified materials.

Food Paper Portugal has always given importance to the personalisation of alimentary packaging of our customers, and for us to personalise starts with understanding the product our customers need, then, choosing a suitable alimentary material and the packaging design.

Our certified alimentary materials can be:

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Some Examples

Certified Cardboard Packaging

Imagem Caixa Mikado

Two Pieces Box

Two Pieces Custom Take-Away Box

2 colors | Mate | Pre-assembled

Ideal for: Sushi, Restaurants, multiple products

Imagem caixa mexicano

W Divider Box

Custom Box + W Divider

4 colors | Mate | Auto-Lock Bottom Box

Ideal for: Mexican Food, Take-Away, Delivery

Imagem Coixas Manteiga

Butter Pack Boxes

Custom Butter Pack Boxes

2 colors | Coated | Dry

Ideal for: Butter, fast food, multiple products

Imagem Caixa Tabuleiro

Sushi Box

Custom Sushi Box + Window cut

2 colors | Coated | Auto-Lock Bottom Box

Ideal for: Sushi, Take-away food delivery

Imagem Lancheira


Custom Lunchbox Take-away

1 color | Mate | Auto-Lock Bottom Box

Ideal for: Hotels, Fast Food,Take-Away

Imagem Colher de Gelado

Drawer Box

Personalized Food Box

2 colors | Mate | Auto-Lock Bottom Box

Ideal for: Butchers, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Caixa Push Talk

Easy-Open Box

Custom Easy-Open Box Take-away

3 colors | Mate | Auto-Lock Bottom Box

Ideal for: Ubber eats,Fast Food, Delivery

Imagem Mini Garfo

Double Opening Box

Custom Box with window cut + double opening

4 colors | Coated | Auto-Lock Bottom Box

Ideal for: Energetic Bars, Natura Vegan products

Imagem Lancheira

MultiPack Box

Easy-Open MultiPack Box

4 colors| Mate | Natura

Ideal for: Snacks, Vegan Products, Take-away

Imagem Colher de Gelado

Two Pieces Box

Box and Lid packaging

1 color | Coated | Dry

Ideal for: Pastries, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Caixa Separador L

U Divided Box

Box with U Adjustable Divider

4 colors| Mate | Dry

Ideal for:Restaurant, Fast Food, Take-Away

Imagem Mini Garfo

Enchanced Box

Personalized Enchanced Box

4 colors | Coated| Semi-Automatic Bottom

Ideal for: Delivery, multiple products

Imagem Lancheira

Nest Box

Personalized Nest Cupcakes Box

2 colors | Coated | Top-Opening

Ideal for: Pastry, Sweets, Cakes, Cookies

Imagem Colher e Gelado

Close Click Box

Personalized Close-Click Box

2 colors | Mate | Quick & Easy

Ideal for: Mexican Food, Burgers, Delivery

Imagem Caixa FP

FP Box

Custom box with Automatic Bottom

1 color | Mate | Duo-Printed

Ideal for: Butchers, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Mini Garfo

Air Box

Box with respirators, anti condensation

2 colors | Mate | Auto-Lock Bottom

Ideal for: Take-away, delivery, Hot Food

Imagem Lancheira

Push Easy Box

Personalized Slide Open Box

2 colors | Mate | Easy Open

Ideal for: Barbecue Grill, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Colher de Gelado

Mailer ECO Boxes

Custom Mailer Eco Boxes

1 color | Mate | Natura

Ideal for: Food Delivery, Mexican food

Imagem Caixa Push Talk

Push Up! Box

Costum Die cut self-locking

2 colors | Mate | Automatic

Ideal for:Ubber eats, Delivery, Take-away

Imagem Mini Garfo

Frozen Fish Box

Costum Frozen Fish Box

2 colors | Mate | Easy Open

Ideal for: Frozen food, Take-Away e Delivery

Imagem Lancheira

Self-locking style Box

When assembled, forms a robust die cut box

2 colors | Mate | Dry

Ideal for: Cookies, Cakes, Delivery

Imagem Caixa Pizza

Buona Box

Pizza Custom Boxes

1 color | Mate | Natura

Ideal for: Fast Food, Pizzas

Imagem Caixa Push Talk

Moon Side Tube Box

Custom Moon Side Tube Box

2 colors | Coated | Natura

Ideal for: Pastéis de Nata, Cakes, Sweets

Imagem Mini Garfo

Cosmetic Box

Box with internal tabs + Auto-Lock Bottom

2 colors| Mate | Logo Emboss

Ideal for: Soaps, Hygiene and Cosmetic Products

Certified Kraft Packaging

Imagem kraft tampa & fundo

Two Pieces Box

Custom Take-Away Box

1 color | Mate | Pre-assembled

Ideal for: Delivery, Take-Away and others

Imagem caixa mexicano

Cone Box

Custom ice cream cones box

1 color | Mate | Automatic Lock Bottom

Ideal for: Grocery stores, Pastry, Sweets

Imagem Cremosi

Ambar Box

Custom Kraft Burger Boxs

1 color | Mate | ECO

Ideal for: Burgers, Fast food and deliveries

Imagem Caixa Separador

U Divider Box

Custom Box + U Divider

1 color | Mate | Easy Open

Ideal for: Burgers Menu, Fast Food, Take-away

Imagem t&f janela

T&F Window Box

Custom Box and Lid

Customized | Mate | Easy Open

Ideal for: Sushi, Ubber eats, Take-Away

Imagem Caixa Exoisositora

Display Packaging

Custom Packing for charcuterie display

1 color | Mate | Easy use

Ideal for: Butchers, Charcuterie, Supermarkets

Imagem Caixa Push Talk

Smile Boxes

Custom manual box with lock smile

1 color | Mate | Easy Open

Ideal for:Fast Food, Menu Burgers, Delivery

Imagem Caixa Kraft vasculante

Self-Locking Style

Costum Self-locking Box

1 color | Mate| Easy Open

Ideal for: Sushi, Cookies, Cakes, Delivery

Imagem Caixa Six

Six Box

Personalized Kraft Six Box

1 color | Mate | Eco Kraft

Ideal for: Pastry shops, Coffee Shops, Delivery

Imagem Caixa Sabonete

Caixa Cosmetic

Box with internal tabs with auto-lock bottom

1 color | Mate | Logo Emboss

Ideal for: Soaps, Hygiene and Cosmetic Products

Imagem Lancheira

Kraft Lunchbox

Custom Kraft Lunchbox Take-away

1 color| Mate | Auto-Lock Bottom Box

Ideal for:Hotels, Fast Food,Take-Away

Imagem Mini Garfo

Kraft Nest Box

Personalized Kraft Nest Box for cupcakes

Costumized| Mate | Easy Open

Ideal for: Pastries, Coffee Shops, Brunch


Having a personalised alimentary package... The numerous advantages.

Consumers today are increasingly looking for biodegradable and sustainable options with the opportunity to recycle and reuse resources. The manufacture and development of Take-away food packaging is a process that requires a lot of dedication and professionalism on our part, since we are knowledgeable and dedicate all our know-how in developing customized food packaging solutions for the preservation and transport of our food customers.

For the manufacture and production of a safe alimentary packaging, we must pay attention to the material that is to be used, since not all materials are certified to be in direct contact with food.

When we want to develop high quality Take-away alimentary packaging, which are disposable, biodegradable and ecological the task becomes even more difficult, but the Food Paper Portugal team managed to overcome this challenge using fully certified, ecological, personalised materials with water-based and oxitation drying alimentary ink, able to be in contact with food.

It is a fact that having a personalised alimentary packaging benefits the image of the product, so an appropriate personalised. packaging strengthens the brand, helps to retain customers, as well as valuing Take away and Delivery.


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