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Imagem Papel Vegetal

Our Alimentary Baking Paper is a very versatile paper, containing some transparency, a regular surface and covered with a natural barrier that does not allow the chemicals to diffuse from the paper to the food, therefore, making it an alimentary baking paper.

Our Alimentary Baking Papers are:

Imagem Papel Seda

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Imagem Papel Antigordura

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What is baking paper for?

Baking paper in the food industry is very popular for its versatility, but FOOD PAPER has taken baking paper to another level, creating various types of personalised alimentary baking paper.

Our baking paper is not a conventional kitchen baking paper, as it goes through, a WS waterproof and an anti-grease treatment, with food resin on one side which converts it into a more comprehensive and versatile Premium baking paper rather than the conventional kitchen baking paper.

Tracing paper is produced using cellulose and water. Its manufacturing process is demanding, transforming itself into paper with a characteristic texture and opacity. Also customizable, thus creating a coloured tracing paper to the customer's taste.

What is baking paper for?

The baking paper is ideal for packaging containing hamburgers, dogs, French fries, burritos, crêpes, cheese, ham board separators and other uses in the food industry.


Imagem Tabuleiro

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Imagem Individuais

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Imagem Bases

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Imagem Sacos Personalizados

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Imagem Embalagens Kraft

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