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The Alimentary Paper has always had a great importance in our society with regards to packaging, as in most cases it’s one of the materials that is able to be in direct contact with food.

Paper is a material made up of fibrous elements of plant origin, usually distributed in the form of leaves. This material is made from a type of paste containing fibrous elements.

Due to the manufacturing process, not all papers are able to be in direct contact with food as the paper contains many associated chemicals, but... WHICH PAPERS ARE ALIMENTARY?

Discover our main types of paper for food packaging:

Imagem Baking Paper


Imagem Kraft Paper


Imagem Waxed Paper


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What is an Alimentary Paper?

It’s a paper that is able to be in contact with food, it goes through a manufacturing process which is totally different from the conventional one, because a natural barrier has to be applied, one that does not let the chemicals diffuse from the paper into the food. This is done in order to provide a perfect conservation and guaranteeing compliance with food safety regulations at all times when the paper is in contact with food.

The FOOD PAPER is a manufacturer of personalised alimentary paper and it’s where you can find a wide range of paper types for branded food with oxidising drying alimentary ink that makes our alimentary paper 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable and with all the necessary requirements to be in direct contact with food. Therefore we are recognised in the market as specialists in printed alimentary paper.


Imagem Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

Imagem Ice Cream Bowl

Ice Cream Bowl

Imagem Burger Box

Burger Box

Imagem Box + Lid

Box + Lid

Imagem Bioplastic Cup

Bioplastic Cup

Imagem Dome with Orifice

Dome with Orifice