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Imagem Cellulose Paper

The Cellulose Paper is the conventional virgin paper we all know, manufactured based on a white pulp of high quality to be able to get a good resistance and post a good printing quality.

What is Cellulose Paper?

Cellulose paper as its name implies comes from virgin cellulose paste. This cellulose is taken through a bleaching technique that translates by subjecting the cellulose to established reagents in order to improve the texture, cleanliness and chemical purity. We take into account that the more agile and efficient the fiber separation method is, the less need for reagents in the bleaching process.

Given the high performance in the graphic area, at FOOD PAPER we use cellulose paper to obtain high quality printing, and knowing that this paper is not recommended to be in direct contact with food, we use it for the production of paper towels. The personalised placemats and individual restaurant sheets contain water-based food ink.

We chose to use this type of paper in our placemats and individual tray paper because cellulose paper has a good performance and competence that we understand it’s needed to obtain a high quality personalised placemat.

Discover our type of cellulose paper:

Sulfite Paper

Imagem Sulfite Paper

The Sulfite Paper also known as HI / IOR, gets its name from the extra handling of sulphate pulp. A paper with excellent ink absorption to guarantee supreme printing quality. This sulfite paper is made with the use of white cellulose and minerals, including sulfate ions, having a very smooth and porous finish.

We recommend bond paper for the preparation and personalisation of placemats and individual sheets.

Kraft Support Paper

Imagem Kraft Support Paper

The Kraft Support Paper is a support of cellulose fibers which are obtained from wood pulp called "softwood" without bleaching processes.

Because it contains all the varied mixture of fibers, the kraft becomes resistant, at the same time that it presents a rustic and peculiar appearance. Used for the manufacture of placemats and individual sheets for personalised trays without losing the identity, presence and texture of the kraft paper.


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