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Imagem Omonni


Custom Packaging with custom trays with automatic opening

Imagem Omonni1

Personalized Food Boxes

Custom Boxes to Omonni Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant

Imagem Omonni2

Custom packaging

Custom food packaging for various types of products

Imagem Omonni3

Opening Details

Custom packaging opening details with tray extension


Imagem Papel Baos

BAO's Food Paper

Personalized food paper for Taiwanese Street Food in Porto

Imagem Papel Baos1

Personalized Food Paper

Custom Printed food paper BAO'S delivery services

Imagem Baos2

Versatile Custom Paper

Custom Greaseproof Paper for take-away and delivery services

Imagem Baos3

Greaseproof Paper

Custom anti-leak and greaseproof paper with BAO's logo and illustrations


Imagem Ribs

Food Paper - Greaseproof Paper

Custom paper fit for contact with high-fat foods

Imagem Papel Ribs2

Food Menus

Custom paper printed with food inks, logo and graphics

Imagem Ribs3


Custom Placemats with right measures for trays Ribs and Company

Imagem Ribs4

Menu Paper

Versatile paper for delivery sevices, also placemats, food wrapping, etc.

Push Tak

Imagem PushTak

Easy-Open Box

Easy-opening packaging for food delivery to Israeli Restaurant - Pusk Tak

Imagem PushTak1

Custom Box

Custom food boxes, with three-color printed in food inks

Imagem PushTak2

Custom Paper

Paper for take-away and delivery, ideal for direct contact with food

Imagem PushTak3

Greaseproof Paper

Custom Anti-leak and Greaseproof Paper, mate designed for food delivery service

Imagem Parrilhita

Parrilhita - Paper

Personalized Greaseproof Paper for Angolan Restaurant

Imagem Parrilhita


Food paper Sachets designed for sands and parrilhita fast food

Imagem caixa Mikado


Custom Placemats printed in four colors for Italian Pizzeria TrecentoSessenta

Imagem Verde Amarelo



Imagem Papel Alimentar

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Imagem Papel Anti-gordura

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Imagem Sacos

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