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Grupo Avillez

Imagem Avillez1

Bairro do Avillez

Bairro do Avillez Greaseproof Paper, printed in two colours with food inks

Imagem HSS2


Personalized Food Paper, printed in one color for Jacaré Restaurant

Imagem Papel Tasca Chic


Custom Anti-leak and Greaseproof Paper pantone kraft color

Imagem Papel Pavlova

Bairro do Avillez - Pavlova

Custom food paper for Pavlova cake by Bairro do Avillez


Imagem citadina1

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging Citadina - modern brewery

Imagem Amaterasu

Greaseproof Paper

Custom Greaseproof Paper for food wrapping and protection

Imagem avillez

Take-away & Delivery Boxes

Custom packaging for grills and french fries

Imagem Sacos amaterasu

Custom Paper Bags

Custom Delivery paper bags for delivery and food packaging


Imagem Hanami


Various box sizes, Food paper and stickers

Imagem Hanami2

Food Paper + Stickers

Corteria Custom anti-leak and greaseproof paper + stickers

Imagem Hanami3

Custom Food Paper

Custom greaseproof paper for food protection

Imagem Savage2

Take-Away & Delivery

Food packaging and accessories for delivery services

Imagem Papel Uficio

Ofício Lisboa

Custom greaseproof paper Ufício Lisboa - Atypical tavern

Imagem Hanami2

Ofício Lisboa - Paper

Greaseproof paper versatile, one color printed customized paper

Imagem Hanami3

DOTE - Paper

Two-color printed Greaseproof paper DOTE - Modern Brewery

Imagem Savage2


Personalized, Greaseproof paper paper DOTE - Modern Brewery

Imagem MoM


Custom track for MOM Packaging - ready-to-eat for frozen home food

Imagem Cookoo

COOKOO - The Kitchen Hub

Many packaging sizes for catering, COOKOO food delivery service - The Kitchen Hub

Imagem caixa Mikado


Card Paper Custom Impermeable Boxes for Burguers - Burguês Cascais

Imagem Verde Amarelo



Imagem Bases cartolina impermeáveis

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Imagem Caixas Cartolina

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