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Sweets and Pastry Gallery

O Bolo da Marta

Imagem BolodaMarta

Custom Paper

O Bolo da Marta Custom food paper, printed in a color for pavlova cakes

Imagem BolodaMarta2

Take-away Paper

Custom Take-Away and Home Delivery food paper for assorted pastries, cakes

Imagem BolodaMarta3

Details Paper

Custom paper, printed in one color, designed to be in direct contact with food

Imagem BolodaMarta4

Sweet Food Paper

Sweets Custom Food Paper Papel ideal for pastry, cakes, etc.

Cookie Club

Imagem cookieclub

Take-away and Delivery

American-style cookie packaging for deliveries from companies like uber eats

Imagem cookieclub2

Details Boxes

Custom boxes in certified cardboard, two printing colors (food inks)

Imagem cookieclub3

Pack Delivery

Two Boxes Pack, with different weights for deliveries of American crackers

Imagem cookieclub4

Food Packaging

Custom packaging designed to be in direct contact with food


Imagem cookieclub

Camardie Cones

Custom Ice Cream Cones, Bubble Waffle for Street Truck - Camardie

Imagem cookieclub2

Custom Cones

Custom cones in certified cardboard with four-color printing

Imagem cookieclub3

Delivery Base

Custom cardboard base for wafers with creams and sauces

Imagem cookieclub4

Food Packaging

Camardie Custom anti-leak Base for wafers and sweets deliveries

Brownie's & Companhia

Imagem Brownie's

Custom Food Paper

Custom paper for Brownie's handmade products & Company

Imagem Brownie's2

Detalhes Resistentes

Custom food paper that advertises visual image, two-color printing

Imagem Brownie'3

Paper Base

Versatile role for take-away and home delivery as well as display

Imagem Brownie's4

Food Paper

Paper designed to be in contact with food, sweets, and others products


Imagem cookieclub

Gold Paper

Custom food paper for delivery of wafers, pastry, ice creams, and others

Imagem cookieclub2

Nut's Bases

Certified food cardboard custom bases printed with food inks

Imagem cookieclub3

Sweets Paper

Certified paper for direct contact with sweets, chocolates, caramel and creams

Imagem cookieclub4

Take-Away Paper

Custom paper printed to one color, for pastry and candy deliveries

Quase Pecado

Imagem cookieclub

Food Grip Paper

Certified paper for direct contact with high sugar foods

Imagem cookieclub2

Sweet Details

Quase Pecado Custom food paper for traditional sweets made of eggs

Imagem cookieclub3

Delivery Paper

Traditional Portuguese egg candies custom Paper for deliveries

Imagem cookieclub4

Candy Paper

Papel personalizado para embrulho de rebuçados, iguarias e bombons

Nata Sweet Nata

Imagem Hanami

Nata Packaging

Custom packaging for Pastéis de Nata by Nata Sweet Nata

Imagem Hanami2

Pattern Boxes

Custom boxes designed with Nata Sweet Nata visual identity pattern

Imagem Hanami3

Delivery solutions

Delivery services solutions, take-away and delivery food packaging

Imagem Savage2

Sweet Details

Nata Sweet Nata custom packaging details for cream pastries deliveries


Imagem Savage


Custom Placemats, printed in three colors, for Creami Artisanal Ice Cream

Imagem Savage2

Cones Packaging

Custom kraft paper packaging for the delivery of ice cream cones, etc.

Imagem caixa Mikado

Take-Away Details

Custom paper bags and packaging, printed in white on natural kraft paper

Imagem Verde Amarelo

XL Box


Imagem Sacos de Papel

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