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Nowadays CARD is one of the most used and seeked materials for the production of alimentary packaging, due to the fact that it is a sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

Considering our concern with the quality of our materials , food conservation and safety as well as the packaging and presentation of our customers' food, we use certified alimentary cards .

The manufacture of alimentary packaging in alimentary cardpaper can be very versatile and creative, as this process is completely personalised for our customers, creating a variety of packaging.


Which is the right card? Card or card paper, two materials, two variants?

What is card?

Card is a compact material from virgin or recycled paper. Card is usually more consistent, and usually 0.30 mm more compared to paper. It contains a superior texture and presence as well as flexibility and solidity. The fibrous substance is modified into cellulose pulp and bleached to create one or more layers of paper, which can be voluntarily coated to obtain a better surface, presentation and quality.

One of the Food Paper Portugal concerns is to work and produce the best raw material for the design of our alimentary packaging, since our cards are alimentary and personalised with water-based and oxidising drying alimentary ink.

For Food Paper Portugal the choice of a good card to obtain a good personalised alimentary packaging is essential, so we can have a perfect personalisation of packaging along with the food that accompanies it.


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