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The Alimentary Tissue Paper is well known in the food industry, used for its attractive and gourmet appearance. In practice, it's a very light type of paper. The term tissue paper covers a wide range of diversified products for different use cases.

FOOD PAPER PORTUGAL conceived two types of tissue papers fully able and certified to be in direct contact with food, as well as retain its freshness and safety.

Our types of Alimentary Tissue Papers are the following:

FoodPaper 40g

FoodPaper 40g in extra white cellulose support of 40 grams, with WS waterproof and anti-grease treatment.

It's a high-performance alimentary tissue paper, with high efficiency on withstanding high levels of fat and moisture from foods, thus providing a stable packaging that doesn't easily soak or tears up apart.

Our FoodPaper 40g alimentary tissue paper is personalized and printed with water-based inks dryed by oxidation. Allowing us to guarantee a food safety protocol.

Recommended for hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, burritos, crêpes, cheese board, ham protection packaging and other uses in the food industry.

GreaseFood 50 grs

Imagem Albapal 55g

GreaseFood 50g, alimentary tissue paper made with an extra white cellulose support, 55 grams that has a waterproof treatment (WS).

It's a paper of great quality and elegant presence due to its low thickness. This paper is suitable for packaging selected items of high quality due to its enormous resistance capacity and high conservation that allows the product to maintain all its properties. Much appreciated for its malleable texture, making it ideal for all types of meat products, hams, fish and also, products that have a large liquid content.

Our GreaseFood 55 alimentary tissue paper is personalized and printed with water-based inks and dried by oxidation. Allowing us to ensure food safety.

The WS treatment, makes our paper practically damp-proof.


Our alimentary tissue paper is made with extra white cellulose, Its wet pulp is then rolled into a machine until its thickness and quality is achieved. The paper is then steam dried and rolled into cylinders. The next step is the application of the WS waterproof treatment and anti-grease treatment with food resin on one surface. After this process is finished, the paper is ready to be cut into the required size.

Some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers:

"Is there any printed tissue paper ready to be in contact with food?"

The fast and safe answer is: YES, our alimentary paper is printed with certified water-based and oxidation drying inks, so we can create tissue paper with illustrations or any branding style desired by our customers.

What's the purpose of personalised alimentary tissue paper?

An Alimentary Paper is used to wrap hamburgers, dogs, french fries, burritos, crepes, protect cheese and ham boards as well as other possible use cases in the food industry.

Our Alimentary Tissue Paper is a very versatile paper with some transparency, no impurities and a natural anti-diffusion barrier, allowing it to come into direct contact with food. Not all tissue papers are appropriate as they contain chemicals derived from manufacture.


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