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Imagem impermeables

Impermeable alimentary packaging arises from a need detected in the market.

In view of the diversity of concepts developed by our customers and the need in the Take Away area, FOOD PAPER has developed a personalised alimentary packaging, to respond to the packaging of foods with a high content of liquids and grease.

We have overcome this limitation with the use of certified materials which are able to be in contact with food and we have developed packaging with a food resin barrier to guarantee the waterproofing of alimentary packaging.

Our certified waterproof alimentary materials can be:

Imagem Card Paper



Personalised, alimentary and waterproof packaging ... A REALITY at FOOD PAPER.

At FOOD PAPER we are continually concerned with selecting the ideal material with the appropriate properties for the manufacture of our waterproof alimentary packaging depending on the type of food it is going to pack.

Because our ecological philosophy is present in all our waterproof take-away alimentary packaging, we guarantee that they are all disposable, biodegradable and ecological.

We use card and kraft paper with an alimentary esin on one surface to create a fully waterproof material certified to be in direct contact with the food.

We know that working with a personalised waterproof alimentary packaging highlights and brings benefits to the image of our customers and their products, so a personalised packaging reinforces the brand identity, helps to retain customers as well as values take away and delivery. For this reason, our waterproof alimentary packaging is fully personalised with water based and oxidising drying alimentary food ink, thus obtaining an unique and differentiating waterproof alimentary packaging with your brand.


Imagem Rectangular Box

Rectangular Box

Imagem Bowl Lid

Bowl Lid

Imagem Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl

Imagem Salad Bowl Lid

Salad Bowl Lid