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Imagem Papel Ecológico

In theory, an ecological paper is not an alimentary paper, but Food Paper Portugal tried to overcome this difficulty and create an ecological food paper. Using kraft paper pulp, applying our WS waterproof treatment and greaseproof treatment with food resin on one or both faces. Only after this process the ecological food paper is ready to be printed and cut with the size that the customer seeks.

Due to the WS treatment, the result is an ecological paper of great resistance, suitable for products with a high content of liquids and fats. Resulting in an ecological paper practically impermeable with greaseproof treatment, offering a total guarantee that the fats in the food won't deteriorate it.

On the other side, obtaining this kind of paper wasn't our only goal, so we decided to personalise the ecological paper with water-based oxidising drying ink. In order to guarantee perfect food safety standards and product conservation, valuing the image and presentation of our customer's products.

The Environmentally-Friendly Paper is not very popular in the food industry, so we wanted to bring the texture and peculiar character of this paper and along with our principles of preservation of the planet, create a sustainable, recyclable alimentary Environmentally- Friendly Paper which is certified to be in contact with food, so we work with a cellulose base that mixes various types of fibres obtained in the pulp of wood called "softwood" as the kraft paper pulp is essential, and we also put a natural barrier on one or even both sides that do not let the printing paper chemicals or the alimentary ink diffuse, just as it is expected of a quality alimentary paper.

The result of perfect symbiosis is the Alimentary Environmentally-Friendly Paper:


Imagem Sulfipal

The Sulfipal Paper is 60 grams of medium Kraft, treated with WS waterproof, greaseproof and sealed with a resin on the inside surface of the sheet.

It is a highly resistant paper, suitable for products with a high liquid content. Thanks to the WS treatment, transforming it into an impermeable paper.

The anti-fat treatment offers a total guarantee that the fats in the food do not damage the packaging.

Recommended uses: for bases of boxes, sausages, cheese, frozen and other products with an extra fat index.


Imagem Sulfigrás

The Sulfigrás Paper is created in Kraft support 60 grams with WS waterproof treatment.

With its soft ivory colour, it is an alimentary paper with great benefits and visibility, once personalised, it offers a gourmet and vintage texture, being an asset in the presentation of consumption spaces.

With a very high performance towards liquids and aggressive manipulations, Sulfigrás is a great asset in the food industry.

Recommended uses: placemats, bakery industry, freezing and others within the food industry.


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