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Imagem Papel Reciclado

The Alimentary Recycled Paper is a kraft paper highly linked to sustainability and conservation of natural resources, but always with the safety of the food in mind.

At FOOD PAPER PORTUGAL we wanted to give a new life to recovered pulp, thus obtaining the properties of recyclable, ecological and biodegradable paper as the paper we present.

Knowing that paper fibres can be recycled up to 5 times, recycling cellulose saves natural resources and promotes a better consumption for environment.

At FOOD PAPER PORTUGAL, recycled paper is not associated with low quality paper, but a sign of quality of life!

However, the question always remains:

"Can a recycled paper be in contact with food?"

This always has been our top concern, for this reason our alimentary recycled paper has a certified, anti-diffusion barrier to maintain all the freshness and safety of our customers' products. Therefore, we guarantee that we have a fully personalised alimentary recycled paper made to fit with the client's style, with water-based and oxidising drying alimentary ink, since we understand that the priority is food safety and the presentation of our customer's products.

What is personalised alimentary recycled paper used for?

This paper has great versatility, depending on the grammage chosen, from the manufacture of personalised food sachets, personalised alimentary bags or even the manufacture of a personalised alimentary cone.

After an intense study on cellulose kraft fibres as well as always having a concern for our environment, we created our alimentary recycled paper. An alimentary paper with a recycled cellulose support and with a physical barrier, thus preventing the diffusion of chemicals from the recycled paper into the food it touches and ensuring food safety standarts.

Discover our alimentary recycled papers:

Recycled 70 g

Imagem Parafinado Reciclado 70 grs

The Alimentary Paper Recycled 70 grams, it's made with 70 grams support waxed on both sides of the sheet. It's a moderately resistant greaseproof alimentary paper that is highly appreciated for its thickness, which gives it a high quality appearance.

Our 70 grams Recycled Custom Greaseproof Paper is printed with water-based and oxidising drying ink, thus allowing you to maintain the food's safety.

Recycled 90g

Imagem Laminado Reciclado 90 grs

The Alimentary Paper Recycled is made with a 90 grammage.

It is a highly resistant paper, much appreciated for its thickness and malleability due to its support gives it the possibility of being a very interesting role to ecological effects as it can be recycled.

Due to its properties, it is a paper widely used in butchers, preserved meat industry and fishery.


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