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Imagem Individuais de Mesa

The disposable placemat is one of the most well-known products and receives all our support since it has several advantages, one being a product in which contains properties such as recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly paper.

After detecting the needs of our customers and working out how we could respond effectively with quality material, we decided to produce and manufacture placemats for restaurants or placemats for trays, uniquely personalised, to the taste of our customers.

The choice for the type of paper for the production was well thought out, because at FOOD PAPER we maintain the quality that define us, as a result our personalised placemats can be chosen in two types of paper.

The papers for the production of our personalised placemats:

Imagem Celulose


Imagem Papel Couché



Why use personalised placemats?

Since placemats are disposable products, and offers a good way of communicating with the customer, at FOOD PAPER we only produce placemats for restaurants and individual sheets for trays that are fully personalised with water-based alimentary ink.

We know that the image of our customers is essential so we think that one of the most important items to personalise are the placemats and individual sheets for trays, so we not only personalise it graphically but also in size without having standard sizes.


Imagem saquetas-personalizadas

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Imagem Papel

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