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Imagem Papel Alimentar Couché

The Couché Paper is very popular in the graphic arts, given their characteristics, presence and own texture as it's a high-quality paper with a lot of presence and elegance in the restaurant placemats or individual tray sheets of our customers.

The term couché was adopted from the French language (couché) which, translated, means "layer". This paper is marked by the brightness and smoothness of the sheets, suitable for printing in high quality polychromy. For this reason, we decided to adopt this paper for the manufacture of placemats and individual sheets, fully personalised.

But what is couché paper?

The Couché Paper is a type of paper with a layered coating and it's a mixture of various types of materials to control the qualities of the desired paper, such as surface brightness, smoothness and reduced ink absorption or weight. The solution used to give this unique finish is made up of several elements such as talc, kaolinite, calcium carbonate and bentonite.

Given the nature of coated paper and knowing that this paper is not recommended to be in direct contact with food, we use it for the production of placemats for restaurants and individual personalised sheets with water-based alimentary ink to provide a unique material with supreme quality to our customers.

Discover our couché paper:

Couché Paper 140g

Imagem Papel Couché 140 grs

The Couché Paper 140 grams based on white paper, it has a coating of a balanced solution of calcium carbonate, kaolinite, latex and other elements to make a smooth, uniform surface. Thereby obtaining a paper coated with elegant presence accompanied by a unique shine and texture for high quality branding.


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