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Imagem Impermeável

In order to meet the needs of the food industry and bearing in mind the high content of liquids and fats that alimentary papers are exposed to. We manufactured our Impermeable Paper, a distinguished paper in the alimentary paper industry.

But how and why is an Impermeable Paper alimentary ? What is an Alimentary Impermeable Paper?

The impermeable paper is based on a conventional paper, so we use an extra white cellulose base and apply an exhaustive WS waterproof and greaseproof treatment.

Subsequently, anti-migration treatment is applied which contains food resins on both sides to ensure its waterproof, and only after these processes the alimentary paper becomes waterproof.

But our concern for the quality of presentation and appearance of our customer's food products enabled us to personalise this high quality paper whilst creating our waterproof alimentary paper.

Creating an impermeable printed alimentary paper is no easy task, but the big question is how we print our impermeable paper. After some time of study and dedication, we were able to obtain the printed waterproof alimentary paper, with water based alimentary ink.

The paper is printed after applying the WS waterproof, greaseproof treatment and in the end the alimentary resin is applied on both sides. The result is our printed waterproof alimentary paper.

How to use the printed waterproof alimentary paper?

The use of this paper is varied, given the versatility of the paper. But it can be used for wrapping cheeses, curd, fresh cheese, frozen products, hamburger separators and other products.

We were able to create a waterproof alimentary paper with alimentary resin on both sides, making it totally waterproof, with high versatility since it's a certified alimentary paper that is able to be in direct contact with the food still maintaining its texture and the essence.

Discover our Alimentary Impermeable Paper:


Imagem Lucypal

The Lucypal Paper has an extra white cellulose 50 grams support, sealed with WS and alimentary resin on both surfaces.

It's a high-performance and high-efficiency alimentary paper, able to be in contact with food of a high moisture content, providing a stable packaging without soaking or tearing easily,also having a shiny and translucent texture. In other words, an asset for packaging where a partial view of the food inside is mandatory.

Recommended use for the cheese industry, fresh cheese, cheeses, frozen products, fresh hamburger separators and others in the food industry.


Imagem Separadores

The Paper used for Separators is an alimentary paper made with extra white cellulose support of 40, 50 or 70 grams.

Widely used in butchers and preserved meat market for separating hamburgers and slices of cheese as well as other uses.


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