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HONA cosmetic

Imagem Hona

Natura Packaging

Custom packaging that enhances natural details of Hona Natural Cosmetics

Imagem Hona1


Hona Custom packaging by colors and details references

Imagem Hona2

Natura Reliefs

Details of biodegradable packaging reliefs, customized Hona Cosmetic

Imagem Hona4

Anti-leak Paper

Anti-leak and Greaseproof Paper for soaps, fragrances, body butters

Amélia Lisboa

Imagem amelialisboa

Custom Brunch Paper

Eco-friendly personalized paper printed in one color for breakfast, brunch, and others

Imagem Amelialisboa

Gourmet Paper

Restaurant and meal Delivery services Gourmet Food Paper

Imagem Amelialisboa

Shared Paper

Amelia Lisboa Café Custom Food Paper Take-Away and Delivery services

Imagem Amelialisboa

Versatile Paper

Versatile Paper for breakfast, brunch, food deliveries, meals, and others

Palácio Chiado

Imagem amelialisboa


Custom Placemats for Historic Restaurant Chiado Palace in Lisbon

Imagem Amelialisboa

Placemats - Details

Custom Placemats details one color printed, art & cocktails food paper

Imagem Amelialisboa

Gastronomy Paper

Personalized food paper, gastronomy and art in an 18th-century palace

Imagem Amelialisboa

Versatile Paper

Versatile and elegant paper, well suited for contact with food products

Real Nutural

Imagem amelialisboa

Truffle Box

Boxes with fix bottom for Vegan Truffles, sugar free, Real Nutural

Imagem Amelialisboa

Gift Box

Gift Boxes in certified cardboard, one-color printed for festive offerings and seasons

Imagem Amelialisboa

Nutural Packs

Healthy snacks Pack of Boxes, various flavors, vegan, sugar-free, practical and take-away

Imagem Amelialisboa

Flavours Packs

Real Nutura Easy-open custom food packaging printed in two colours

Creek's Caffé

Imagem amelialisboa

Custom Paper

Custom Food Paper one color printed for Creek's Caffé Restaurant

Imagem Amelialisboa

Anti-leak Paper

Custom food apel proper for contact with food with liquids and sauces

Imagem Amelialisboa

Versatile paper

Anti-leak and Greaseproof Paper, for deliveries and decorations of dishes such as salads

Imagem Amelialisboa

Light Gourmet Paper

Custom paper with printing to a color that gives you elegant nuances of natural kraft paper


Imagem Hanami

Pack Boxes

Pack boxes of various flavors for healthy snacks, without sugar, vegan Nuttylicious

Imagem Hanami2

Nuttylicious Box

Take-Away Healthy snacks Custom Packaging with personalized window

Imagem Hanami3

Fun Boxes

Four-colour printed boxes for five flavors with windows and practical and double openings

Imagem Savage2

Take-Away & Delivery

Healthy Snacks Vegan custom for Take-Away and Home Delivery Services

Imagem Savage


Personalized Food Paper for Nutrilovers Healthy Food Restaurant - Heartful Food

Imagem Savage2

Capim Limão

Custom Anti-leak and Greaseproof Paper for Restaurante eat happy, eat tasty - Capim Limão

Imagem caixa Mikado

Detalhes Sustentáveis

Custom Paper Sustainable Details for Asparagus Transport

Imagem Verde Amarelo


Eco-friendly paper, 100% recyclable printed in two colors Sustainable Details

Imagem Ritz

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Custom food paper printed in one color for Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Imagem Savage2

Chefs on Fire

Personalized Greaseproof Paper for food fire & music festival Chefs on Fire

Imagem caixa Mikado

Verride Palácio Santa Catarina

Custom Eco-friendly paper for Hotel Verride Palácio Santa Catarina in Lisboa

Imagem Verde Amarelo

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