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Latin-American Restaurants Gallery

Guacamole GMG

Imagem Avillez1

Custom Paper Bags

Guacamole GMG Custom Two-Color Kraft Paper Delivery Bags

Imagem HSS2

Menu Boxes

Custom boxes for delivery of Mexican-inspired food restaurant

Imagem HSS3

Food ackaging

Embalagens e Sacos de Papel personalizados take-away e delivery

Imagem HSS4

Detail Boxes

Custom boxes with fixed bottom, suitable for the transport of food

MEX Factory

Imagem amaterasu2

Custom Packaging

Custom boxes, paper and paper bags for Mexican Restaurant

Imagem Amaterasu

Mex Box

Custom boxes with four-color printed with automatic bottom

Imagem avillez

Details Separators

Custom W-Separators details with the necessary measures

Imagem Sacos amaterasu

Custom Paper Bags

Custom Paper Bags for delivery services (with twist handles)

Ao Ataco

Imagem Hanami


Custom trays, two colors printed for Texan-Mexican Restaurant

Imagem Hanami2

Patterns & Combinations

Food paper and custom trays with pattern details

Imagem Hanami3

Custom Paper

Custom Food Paper with one-color print with food inks

Imagem Savage2

Food Paper

Custom food paper fit for food wrapping and delivery services

Imagem Savage


Custom food paper, printed in two colors for Empanadas Argentinas

Imagem Savage2


ElChanta Greaseproof Paper custom for various types of Menus

Imagem caixa Mikado

El Chapo

Custom boxes for Mexican food restaurant

Imagem Verde Amarelo

El Chapo


Imagem Sacos Take-away

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Imagem Caixas Cartolina

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Imagem Caixa kraft

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