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Card Paper - Examples

Imagem Caixa Mikado

Two Pieces Box

Two Pieces - Take-Away Box

Ideal for: Sushi, Snack Bar and others

Imagem caixa mexicano

W Divider Box

Custom Box + W Divider

Ideal for: Mexican Food, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Coixas Manteiga

Pack Boxes

Custom Butter Pack Boxes

Ideal for: Butter, Fast Food, Restaurant

Imagem Caixa Tabuleiro

Sushi Box

Custom Sushi Box + Window cut

Ideal for: Sushi, Take-away and Delivery

Imagem Lancheira


Custom Lunchbox Take-Away


Ideal for: Hotels, Restaurant,Take-Away

Imagem Colher de Gelado

Drawer Box

Custom easy Drawer Box

Ideal for: Take-Away e Delivery, and others

Imagem Caixa Push Talk

Easy-Open Box

Take-away food packaging

Ideal for:Fast Food, Snack and Brunch's

Imagem Mini Garfo

Double Opening Box

Custom box with two side openings

Ideal for: Energy Bars, Natura Products

Imagem Lancheira

MultiPack Boxes

Pack of boxes for various flavors

Ideal for: Snacks, Vegan Products, and others

Imagem Colher de Gelado

Two Pieces Box

Custom Base and Cover cover box

Ideal for: Pastry and Coffee Shops

Imagem Caixa Separador L

U Divided Box

Box with U Adjustable Separator

Ideal for:Restaurants, Fast Food, and others

Imagem Mini Garfo

Enchanced Box

Personalized Enchanced Box

Ideal for: Delivery, multiple products

Imagem Lancheira

Nest Box

Personalized Nest Box for cupcakes

Ideal for: Pastry, Sweets, Cakes, Cookies

Imagem Colher de Gelado

Close Click Box

Personalized Close Click Box

Ideal for: Mexican Food, Burgers, Delivery

Imagem Caixa FP

FP Box

Custom box with Automatic Bottom

Ideal for:Butchers, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Mini Garfo

Air Box

Box with respirators, anti condensation

Ideal for: Take-away, delivery, Hot Food

Imagem Lancheira

Push Easy Box

Personalized Slide Open Box

Ideal for: Barbecue Grill, Take-Away and Delivery

Imagem Colher de Gelado

Mailer ECO Boxes

Custom Mailer Eco Boxes

Ideal for: transport, catering, deliveries

Imagem Caixa Push Talk

Push Up! Box

Custom Die cut self-locking

Ideal for: Ubber eats, Delivery, Take-away

Imagem Mini Garfo

Frozen Fish Box

Custom Frozen Fish Box

Ideal for: Frozen food, Take-Away e Delivery

Imagem Lancheira

Self-locking style Box

When assembled, forms a robust die cut box

Ideal for: Cookies, Cakes, Delivery

Imagem Caixa Pizza

Buona Box

Custom Pizza Boxes

Ideal for: Fast Food, Pizzas

Imagem Caixa Push Talk

Moon Side Tube Box

Custom Moon Side Tube Box

Ideal for: Pastéis de Nata, Cakes, Sweets

Imagem Mini Garfo

Cosmetic Box

Box with internal tabs with Auto-lock Bottom

Ideal for: Soaps, Hygiene and Cosmetic Products


Imagem Sacos Personalizados

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