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The Waxed Paper is one of the largest groups of paper and most recognised when it comes to alimentary paper, so we have always had the priority of producing a high quality distinct waxed paper that could be personalised to the taste of our customers.

After some work time, we managed to obtain our personalised waxed paper, an alimentary paper with great versatility due to our waterproof WS treatment and natural barrier that does not allow the chemicals to diffuse from the paper to the food, being an alimentary waxed paper.

Our waxed papers are:

Imagem Environmentally-Friendly Paper


Imagem Impermeable Paper



A personalised waxed paper? An unique alimentary paper.

Technically, waxed paper is a paper that contains food resin on one or two surfaces, having a very specific milky color and some transparency.

But what is waxed paper anyways?

To get to our alimentary waxed paper, we use a method that translates into placing the pure cellulose sheets in a sulfuric acid solution, which certifies that the alimentary waxed paper is even more resistant.

Subsequently, the waxed paper undergoes washing, drying and our waterproof WS treatment accompanied by the natural anti-diffusion barrier.

We realised that our customers needed to find a personalised waxed paper in which they could print a logo or even the desired design.

This paper is widely used to wrap hamburgers, for the final packaging of burritos, crepes, sandwiches.


Imagem White Bag

White Bag

Imagem Kraft Cone

Kraft Cone

Imagem Bioplastic Cup

Bioplastic Cup

Imagem Kraft Tray

Kraft Tray

Imagem White Lid

White Lid